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  • MacBook Air Pro 13.3″ LCD Display

    XX in the following models corresponds to: CH=China, ZP=HK, LL=US, ZA=Singapore, KH=Korea, J=Japan, B=UK, C=Canada, X=Australia, F=France

    MacBook Pro 13.3"

    Versions: MB991xx/A、MB990xx/A;MC375xx/A、MC374xx/A;MC724xx/A、MC700xx/A;MD314xx/A、MD313xx/A;MD101xx/A、MD102xx/A;MD212xx/A、MD213xx/A;MD212xx/A、ME662xx/A;

    MacBook Air 13.3"

    Versions: MB003xx/A;MB543xx/A、MB940xx/A;MC233xx/A、MC234xx/A;MC503xx/A、MC504xx/A;MC965xx/A、MC966xx/A;MD231xx/A、MD232xx/A;MD760xx/A、MD761xx/A;

    Colors: Silver, Gray, Gold

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    SKU: TKZ MacBook Air Pro 13.3″ LCD Display

    Compatible with: MacBook Air Pro 13.3″ LCD Display

    Size: 13.3 inches
    Resolution: 1600 x 2560   pixels,


    XX in the following models corresponds to: CH=China, ZP=HK, LL=US, ZA=Singapore, KH=Korea, J=Japan, B=UK, C=Canada, X=Australia, F=France

    MacBook Pro 13.3"

    Versions: MB991xx/A、MB990xx/A;MC375xx/A、MC374xx/A;MC724xx/A、MC700xx/A;MD314xx/A、MD313xx/A;MD101xx/A、MD102xx/A;MD212xx/A、MD213xx/A;MD212xx/A、ME662xx/A;ME864xx/A、ME865xx/A、ME866xx/A;MGX72xx/A、MGX82xx/A、MGX92xx/A;MF839xx/A、MF840xx/A、MF841xx/A、MF843xx/A;MLL42xx/A、MLUQ2xx/A;MLH12xx/A、MLVP2xx/A、MNQF2xx/A、MNQG2xx/A、MPDK2xx/A、MPDL2xx/A;MPXQ2xx/A、MPXR2xx/A、MPXT2xx/A、MPXU2xx/A;MPXV2xx/A、MPXW2xx/A、MPXX2xx/A、MPXY2xx/A、MQ002xx/A、MQ012xx/A;MR9Q2xx/A、MR9R2xx/A、MR9T2xx/A、MR9U2xx/A、MR9V2xx/A;MV962xx/A、MV992xx/A、MV972xx/A、MV9A2xx/A;

    MacBook Air 13.3"

    Versions: MB003xx/A;MB543xx/A、MB940xx/A;MC233xx/A、MC234xx/A;MC503xx/A、MC504xx/A;MC965xx/A、MC966xx/A;MD231xx/A、MD232xx/A;MD760xx/A、MD761xx/A;

    Additional information

    Test items

    Function Test


    1) Display (Backlight & Polarizing): the screen shows no dot defects, line defects nor scratches, the display brightness and picture are good.

    2) Touch: sensitivity test; full touch coverage/alphabet keyboard test/3D function test/brightness display bar etc.

    3) Touch Point: can normally stretch and shrink the picture with two fingers.

    4) Touch ID: Check whether the home button function is normal, whether the fingerprint entry and fingerprint unlock is sensitive


    Cosmetic Test


    1) Cover Glass: no scratches and breakage.

    2) Flex Cable: no breakage, alteration nor deformation, and the solder joints of the cable should be evenly distributed.

    3) Frame: the LCD frame should not have any gaps or should not be loose.

    4) General configuration: camera ring: sensor ring, ear mesh must be complete (well assembled, no distortion, no deviation)

    5) Other problems that can be select out via visual inspection.


    Installation Test


    Uniformity test .

    Proximity sensor test.

    Light sensor test.

    Fingerprint function test.

    A1466 Display 2013-2017 YEAR
    A1932 Display Gray 2018
    A1932 Display Silver 2018
    A1932 Display Gold 2018
    A1932 Display Gray 2019
    A1932 Display Silver 2019
    A1932 Display Gold 2019
    A2179 Display Gray
    A2179 Display Silver
    A2179 Display Gold
    A2337 Display Gray
    A2337 Display Silver
    A2337 Display Gold
    A1706 Display Gray
    A1706 Display Silver
    A1708 Display Gray
    A1708 Display Silver
    A1989 Display Gray
    A1989 Display Silver
    A2159 Display Gray
    A2159 Display Silver
    A2251 Display Gray
    A2251 Display Silver
    A2289 Display Gray
    A2289 Display Silver

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