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  • Samung Note 20 Ultra 5G Lcd Screen

    Versions: SM-N986B (International); SM-N986U (USA); SM-N986U1 (USA unlocked); SM-N986W (Canada); SM-N9860 (China); SM-N986N (Korea)

    Colors: Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, Mystic White

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    SKU: TKZ Samung Note 20 Ultra 5G Lcd Screen

    Compatible with: Samung Note 20 Ultra 5G Lcd Screen

    Type: AMOLED
    Size: 6.9 inches
    Resolution: 1440 x 3088 pixels,


    Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G LCD-3
    Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G LCD-4
    Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G LCD-4
    Samsung Note 20 LCD
    Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G LCD-2
    Samsung Note 20 5G LCD-1

    Additional information

    Test items

    Function Test


    1) Display (Backlight & Polarizing): the screen shows no dot defects, line defects nor scratches, the display brightness and picture are good.

    2) Touch: sensitivity test; full touch coverage/alphabet keyboard test/3D function test/brightness display bar etc.

    3) Touch Point: can normally stretch and shrink the picture with two fingers.

    4) Touch ID: Check whether the home button function is normal, whether the fingerprint entry and fingerprint unlock is sensitive


    Cosmetic Test


    1) Cover Glass: no scratches and breakage.

    2) Flex Cable: no breakage, alteration nor deformation, and the solder joints of the cable should be evenly distributed.

    3) Frame: the LCD frame should not have any gaps or should not be loose.

    4) General configuration: camera ring: sensor ring, ear mesh must be complete (well assembled, no distortion, no deviation)

    5) Other problems that can be select out via visual inspection.


    Installation Test


    Uniformity test .

    Proximity sensor test.

    Light sensor test.

    Fingerprint function test.

    Tkz LCD screen For Iphone X

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