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Outstanding Display
Comparing with other hot selling screens on the market , TKZ’screen use the enhanced backlight( ESR), TKZ LCD screen yields remarkably bright and high-contrast picture.

Display Tested
TKZ LCD 180° recognize screen, clearly visible images

Sensitive Touch Guaranteed
Built with G+G single-layer and double-sided construction , the TKZ LCD screen is responsive, sensitive and drift free.
Withstood 100 thousand times point-and-click and 360 hours continual hover test.

Excellence visual experience
Improve 10% brightness,
D65 color temperature standard
Maintain the same standard as original visual effects

TKZ LCD glass of screen are all anti-fingerprinted/Waterproof /oil proof, giving customers a great user experience.

Fully Visible Through Sunglasses
You never really stop using your phone. That’s why TKZ LCD is engineered to be readable through your polarized sunglasses at any angles.

Color Saturation Test
Comparing with other hot selling screens on the market , the TKZ LCD screen has better performance of the resolution, color saturation and sharpness.

Better Performance
Adopted with advanced display driver technology and precise circuit package , the TKZ LCD screen has higher performance and lower power consumption than other screens on the market .Every move by fingers is received and accurately react by the LCD, bringing stable and reliable user experience.

Assembly Tested
TKZ LCD The size is the same as the original screen, and it fits perfectly with the phone.

TKZ LCD Structure
The TKZ LCD screen has been thoughtfully designed and constructed from superior quality materials. TKZ LCD solution equipped with
superior circuitry and components delivers premium product quality. Coupled with rigorous testing procedures, ensuring TKZ LCD outperforms standard screens.


TKZ – The Facts
TKZ LCD screens are designed, tested and manufactured to our uncompromising standards for quality, fit and durability. Each LCD is engineered specifically for your phone to contribute to optimum performance and to help maximize its lifespan.

Quality Control
TKZ leads the highest level of quality control before delivery into the market. All products are quality tested to ensure meeting or exceeding customers’ expectation.

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